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Disclosures of Important Conditions Regarding Your Order


  • Please be advised that all sales made through the LG Partners Mall Website are final. No returns will be permitted except when the product you purchased was delivered damaged.
  • You may cancel your order only within 30 minutes of your purchase.
  • In the event that there is an alleged manufacturing defect in the product you purchased, you must contact LG Service Center at 1-800-243-0000.
  • Any returns without a pre-approved RA Number will not be accepted and will be returned back to you at your cost. Please refer to the FAQ section of the LG Partners Mall for further information.
  • Damaged boxes must be refused at delivery or reported the same day as delivery.
  • Items without defect are not eligible for return.
  • All return requests and service calls must be made within 7 days of delivery.
  • Requests and inquires are accepted from LG employees only.
  • Depending on the bank, refunds generally appear 5-10 business days after the unit is confirmed as received by the warehouse.
  • Orders and Returns are not connected in any way. You must make a new order to replace.


  • Typically, your product ordered will be delivered in approximately ten (10) business days (Mon-Fri) from the order purchase date. You must provide a valid phone number when placing your order for all products. Carriers are instructed to contact the recipient of the purchased product before making a delivery. If carriers cannot contact successfully the authorized recipient of the product, the product delivery will be delayed or cancelled.
  • For major appliances delivered by home delivery service provider, home delivery will be scheduled by a phone call. Installation and haul-away are included in the service.
  • All other deliveries will be made as curbside dropoff. LG provides curbside delivery only Monday-Friday. Carriers deliver to the curbside of a customer's premises only. Liftgates are available free of charge. You are responsible for placing the unit(s) inside your home and for installation of the unit(s).
  • LG CNS AMERICA does not provide any special accommodation for delivery.
  • If you receive a damaged product, please refer to Return Procedures for instructions.
  • In case of Damaged Delivery, please refuse only the portion that is damaged. If you would like a replacement, please place another order and you will receive credit for the return once it has been processed.
  • If visible damages present at time delivery: Refuse damaged box or have driver note "damaged box" when accepting delivery.
  • If not present at time of delivery: Partners' employee must email order# to support@lgpartnersmall.com immediately to report shipping damage. Do not open the box!
  • You must note any carton damage on the bill of lading (the form that you sign to verify delivery) when you sign for the order!
  • If you have problems with your purchase after 7 days of its delivery, please call our LG Partners Mall help desk at (201)816-3175 for assistance.
  • Please make sure the shipping information provided through the LG Partners Mall website is accurate.
  • Storage Charge: Partners' employees must notify LG Partners Mall when they are rescheduling delivery date. This must be done before the order leaves our warehouse; Otherwise, storage fee will be charged, and LG Partners Mall will not responsible for it.
  • Reconsignment Fee: Partners' employees must make sure to confirm the shipping address before the order leaves our warehouse. Once the order ships out, changing order destination will cost you extra, and LG Partners Mall will not be responsible for it. Reconsignment charge may differ depending on each fulfillment company.


  • By continuing to use the LG Partners Mall website and service, you acknowledge that this LG Partner Appreciation Program ("Program") is provided to you as a benefit for the current employees of LG Partners and its affiliates or subsidiaries. You agree to be bound by the rules and regulations of the Program as amended by the Program Administrator.
  • You are permitted to purchase any LG products offered here for your own personal use and, with special permission, for the personal use by your immediate family members and your close friends. You will be responsible for the order, and you alone may contact the Program Administrator regarding the order.
  • Please make sure the credit card expiration date and security code is included. If you are using a debit card, you will need to provide your pin number.
  • You further acknowledge that any product purchased through the Program will be used personally by you, your friends, or family members, for whom the product was purchased, and cannot, for any reason, be resold to the public. If any product that you purchased through the Program is resold in violation of this rule, your privilege to participate in the Program will be suspended indefinitely. This LG Partners Mall program is an employee benefit or privilege, not a right. Additionally, any violation of the terms and conditions of this LG Partners Mall program will be reported to the H.R. Manager of your organization. Any violation of this policy will be deemed an abuse of the privilege and may result in disciplinary action against you, including termination.


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  • At times, the LG Partners Mall website will present certain special promotions. Such promotions are merely announcements of special prices on certain products for a limited time. Any product promoted in the LG Partners Mall website does not guarantee that the product is available. Any promotion may be withdrawn at any time without a prior notice. There is no right to secure a promoted product. If you are unable to purchase a specially promoted product, there are no "rain checks" or right in the future to secure and purchase the specially promoted product.
  • Any coupons, discounts, or any other similar promotions outside of the LG Partners Mall website cannot be applied to your purchase through the LG Partners Mall website.


  • Payments can be made with credit and debit card ONLY. We accept Visa and MasterCard- we no longer accept AMEX. Checks are not accepted.
  • Order will not be complete without proper credit card payment transaction.
  • If payment is made through a credit card, and the credit card payment is rejected for any reason, you acknowledge that you will be held responsible for the purchase and be required to pay for the entire purchase price, including shipping and handling costs.
  • If you have any questions concerning this policy, your inquiry should be forwarded by email to employeeorders@lgcns.com


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